Conway Press Dual-Speed Hydraulic Presses

Click here to download a small video about our press tooling.

Conway Press offers several options for the C-Series hydraulic press and a wide array of accessories for use with all our hydraulic presses. Conway Press can also help you with special tooling needs by building custom tool fixtures. Examples of tooling Conway Press has built can be seen in the tooling video. You can download the tooling video or request a free video describing all Conway Press products and services. Please contact us for more information if you have any questions.

Foot Control Kit Adjustable Force Control Pressure Control Switch
Foot Control Kit
For remote operation of press where pinch points are fully guarded. Field installation only.
Adjustable Force Control
Easily adjusts tonnage of press.
Pressure Control Switch
Works in unison with the Adjustable Force Control to set the tonnage at which the press "returns".
Fire Resistant Oil and Seal Kit Work Table
Fire Resistant Oil and Seal Kit
C-Press Work Table Assembly
Sturdy 23-1/2 X 46 X 1/4 thk. steel work table conveniently
wraps around lower bolster for work support.
Cycle Counter Custom Base Infra-red Control Buttons
Cycle Counter
Counts complete cycles of press. Thumbwheel reset. Not for field installation.
Custom Base
Built to give you the desired working height of lower bolster from floor. Has power unit mount in rear of base.
Banner Infrared Palm Buttons
"Zero Force" concurrent palm buttons. Replaces the standard palm button controls. (2 required)